Illawarra FertilityCare is an allied health centre specialising in fertility awareness education. Our aim is to provide a scientifically-based and well-researched method for clients to monitor gynaecological health and plan their families. Our centre is fully integrated with providers of restorative reproductive medicine which focuses investigations and treatment on identification and treatment of abnormalities to optimise normal reproductive function.

The method works by observing and tracking various biological markers that occur throughout the female cycle. The information gained through these observations promotes understanding of a woman’s cycle and gynaecological health, allowing the system to be used to avoid pregnancy, achieve pregnancy and to diagnose and treat a variety of reproductive-related health concerns including (but not limited to):

Recurring Miscarriage
Post-Partum Depression
Irregular Cycles
Hormone Problems
Dysmenorrhea (painful menses)

Premenstrual Syndrome
Ovarian Cysts
Unusual Bleeding
Amenorrhea (absent menses)

Its effectiveness at achieving pregnancy in sub-fertile couples is equal to or greater than IVF and works cooperatively with the woman’s natural cycle. The system’s method effectiveness at avoiding pregnancy is 99.5% which is as effective as oral contraception and more effective than barrier methods.

Our approach at Illawarra FertilityCare is innately client-centred; the client is an essential part of the system as they observe, record and provide objective feedback on how their bodies respond to treatment. Our clients are encouraged to understand their bodies, become actively involved in any required treatment, and empowered to make decisions that best work for them.