Natural Family Planning

Through the FertilityCare program, couples can expect a reliable, effective and natural means of planning their families.

The couple is actually infertile for the most part of the cycle. This is due to two important physiological truths:

1. Ovulation occurs on only one day each cycle and the egg (or eggs in the situation of natural twins or triplets) will only live for 12-24 hours once released.
2. Sperm needs cervical fluid to survive. Without this fluid the sperm die within hours or even minutes.

As ovulation approaches, the developing follicle produces an increasing amount of oestrogen. oestrogen is responsible for the stimulation of the production of cervical fluid which becomes stretchier, clearer and more abundant as you approach ovulation. The cervical fluid allows sperm to survive long enough to be available when ovulation occurs.  After ovulation there is an abrupt drop in oestrogen and an equally abrupt rise in progesterone. The progesterone inhibits the effects of oestrogen on the cervix and the flow of cervical fluid stops.

Hormones & Mucus


There is no guesswork in identifying times of fertility and infertility, they are defined by underlying hormonal processes that are made known through the observation of external biological markers. Perfect use effectiveness for avoiding pregnancy is 99.5% and typical use effectiveness 96.8%. These statistics are comparable to hormonal contraceptives (but without the nasty side effects) and more effective than barrier and spermicidal methods.

The system can be used with regular or irregular cycles, breastfeeding mothers, women in the pre-menopausal period and women coming off oral contraceptives. It can be used by any woman for her entire reproductive life!